Social media optimization is the part of digital marketing of various businesses in which social media platforms are utilized to advertise & make reach of the products/ services, brands & events of the businesses to generate viral publicity. Social Media is a powerful platform to reach potential customers local and worldwide, grow your business, maintain your social presence and interaction with the audience. Thus, Social media marketing is the best opportunity to connect with your targeted customers, a professional social media marketing agency help to popularize your brand and improve its visibility on leading social media platforms.

Below Are Popular Social Media Platforms Statistics and Active Users in India.

260 million active users in India, Highest in any country, The largest user group by age is 18–24 years.

11.45 million users on Twitter

80 million people on Instagram in India as of January 2020,

People between the ages of 18–24 are the largest age group for 265 million active users in India

62 million active users on LinkedIn, India is 2nd largest market for LinkedIn.

400 million users on WhatsApp

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