At Technogogues we understand every technological need of hour of a business. To be successful in any time frame one has to move with the time understanding the need of hour of that time frame. Today Search Engine Optimization is also a need of hour for a business to be well known. So We provide Search engine optimization services to make sure that the sites of our clients availing our services rank high in the major search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Search Engine Optimization process in which certain changes are made to the website design & content to make the site more attractive for the search engines to rank high in the process of searching. We have expert web designers & the best content writers who understand the importance of their crucial role in Search engine optimization. You'll be pleased to avail our services to know the kinds of services we provide in your SEO Project:

Site On Page

Google considers 100+ parameters in the ranking. We prepare your website in such a manner that you earn quick crawling and indexing. We will optimize the website for title, description, heading, content and image help your website in ranking.

Loading Time Optimization

Less loading websites get higher rankings on Google search results. We ensure to optimize the loading time of your website for fast results.

Local Business Listing:

We try to give your business a chance to grow locally by using online business listing services of various website like Google+ Local so that you can earn more traffic.

Google Analytics

We help you understand the dynamics of your website and the viewer behaviour by making efficient use of Google Analytics. You can monitor the origin of traffic to your website and the type of users on your website.

Google Search Console

We also use Google search console in an effective manner to help you maintain your rankings on search engine. We assure ou to work continuesly on Google Search Console to gain regular and long-lasting indexing.

Website Structure Optimization

A structured website ensures better CTRs and is preferred by web crawlers. That is why we help you organize and structure your website.

Schema Implement

Our services also include implementation of Schema Markup on your website so that SERPs provide better information about your website and content.

Conversion Optimization

Make your website optimized for conversion with our services and ensure high rates of growth, sales and profit for your business.

Content Optimization

Our quality SEO services India help you optimize all your content for higher search engine, higher traffic and better subsequent business profits.

Link Building

Drive the traffic from other websites to yours by having healthy link building relationships with popular sites and grow your business.

Blog Creation

We help your create an interesting blog section on your website which would be a robust content marketing tool for you.

Social Media Circulation

Popularize this informative and interesting content on various social media platforms and boost your company’s followership with efficient social media circulation.

Seo Consulting Services

We use targeted and personalized strategies for all the SEO consulting services that we provide. This ensures quick ROI and more profits.

Mobile Optimization:

Optimize your website not just for desktops and laptops but for mobile and tablet devices as well for your viewers.

Whitehat Or Ethical Seo

We use SEO White Hat strategies and 100% Ethical processes, to ensure that your website will never be penalized by Google or any search engine.